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Pacific Ocean

Built by the Budd Co in 1950 for the Union Pacific Railroad as a 10 roomette/ 6 double bedroom sleeping car. Sold to Amtrak in the 1970\\\\\'s and rebuilt in the Amtrak Heritage program to a HEP sleeper. Some of the mechanical details include: Head end power, 27 pin communication lines, MR, H couplers, emergency lights, floor and over head heat, full Amtrak electrical locker, marker lights, PA system, freeze protection, OSSH, drop equalizer, APEE bearings, disc brakes, 26-C valves, electric hot water heater, good body, electric decelostats &  emergency windows. Price of car will include a car set of APEE bearings. NOTE: There is a few leaking windows on \"A\" end of car and that is why that end of the car is covered with a tarp.

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